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Sports providers
We already work together with a large number of sports providers or are in discussion with them. We would like to cooperate with even more sports clubs. In this way, we can get even more children playing sports on a structural basis. If your club is curious, please contact us!

Of course, we also work together with (semi-) commercial sports providers. Examples include dance schools, gyms and martial arts schools. We are always looking for the structural sports offer that suits each individual child.

These sports providers are currently working with us:


Jibb+ cooperates with a large number of schools in Helmond. The sports professionals give special sports clinics during school hours.
In the first place to introduce children to other sports and make them enthusiastic for different forms of exercise. In addition, these clinics are meant to introduce our sports professional to the children.

We cooperate with:

Primary education

Special Education


Secondary Education


Jibb+ cooperates with a number of important social partners in Helmond. These organisations, like Jibb, each have their own specific qualities / fields of expertise. As partners, we are able to reach more target groups. We strengthen each other enormously by working together. Especially in our activities in the neighbourhoods.

Social Partners

Partners & Sponsors
We cannot do our work without the support of external partners, consultants, internship providers and companies that show their social commitment to the activities of Jibb+. They may also be of service to you, we will put you in touch with them.



Social supporters & sponsors


Internship providers


External parties