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The exercises in the films are good for the mobility of various joints and muscles. Performing the exercises daily will improve muscle strength, balance and endurance. 

Listen to your body! If you have any doubts about whether you can do the training or if you have any health problems, contact your GP or specialist.

Click on the videos below to watch the exercises and join in directly.

Before you start!

  • Provide a sturdy chair for the exercises.
  • Provide a bottle of water, if necessary.
  • Put on comfortable clothing.
Upper body - biceps
Upper body - shoulders
Legs - back of upper legs
Flexibility - forearms
Abdominal muscles - straight
Upper body - triceps
Legs - squad
Legs - gluteal muscles
Flexibility - lower body
Abdominal muscles - oblique
Upper body - forearms
Legs - calf muscles
Flexibility - shoulders
Flexibility - pelvis