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Club framework coaching

What does a club framework coach do?

A club framework coach (CKC) helps clubs with setting up, implementing and securing coaching of trainers. The deployment of a club framework coach contributes to the pillar 'positive sports culture' from the strategic policy plan of Jibb+. A good pedagogical climate and a good structure contribute to retaining members within clubs and to experiencing pleasure in sports and exercise. The club framework coach is supporting and advising on the pedagogical level.


From pilots to structural use

In the first six months of 2021, we ran pilots with seven sports providers. The aim of these pilots was to work together towards a good structure and basis for club coaching. In addition, the pilots examined whether the intended goals could also be achieved through the use of club coaching. The experience was positive, with the result that as of October 2021, three club framework coaches have started working at seven sports providers in Helmond. Jibb+ wants to continue to be the initiator in this, because we think this fits the broad social role of community sports coach.

Club framework coach (CKC) - practical approach

  • There is an executive CKC and a coordinating CKC. The CKC coordination is part of the Sports Providers Coordinator function within the working group active at Jibb+. The CKC coordinator is the process supervisor and is always involved in the inventory discussions/start-up discussions with boards of sports providers. In addition, the coordinator has at least 2 extra contact moments per year.
  • CKC's deployment depends on the needs of the sports provider, whereby each hour of implementation means one and a half hours (guideline) of preparation.
  • The CKC is present at the club for a maximum of two evenings per week.
  • There is a maximum number of teams/trainers per hour. This depends on the organisation of the fields and the request for help from the club. This is determined in consultation.
  • Each course at a sports provider lasts 18 months (78 weeks).
  • After 18 months, the weekly supervision of the CKC ends and cooperation is continued through a six-monthly continuation meeting.
  • Entry of sports providers is only possible on the basis of the availability of an employee at Jibb+ and the wishes and needs of a sports provider.
  • Needs assessment is done annually in April by Jibb+.

More information?

In het filmpje van Gemeente Helmond wordt kort en duidelijk uitgelegd wat een clubkadercoach is!

Meer informatie over clubkadercoaching is ook te vinden op de website van NOC*NSF, zie

Are you interested in the work and deployment of a club framework coach? Please contact us via e-mail or with the contact person from Jibb+ for your sports organisation.